17 April 2007

My days are packed, and that sucks.

This week, my days are packed. I have stuff in the morning, stuff in the afternoon, stuff in the evening. Today was like that. Tomorrow will be like that. Thursday will be like that. Friday? Maybe not. Yesterday wasn't, but I napped most of the evening. Very tired, and I had a headache.

Some of the "stuff" will be fun. Some is class. Class is usually fun once I get there.

Getting places -- seldom fun. Getting places on time -- often stressful.

I've read that people with ADHD know two kinds of time: now, and not-now. I've read that we suffer from "time-blindness." I say, I always forget to remember how much time it takes to do things -- with very few exceptions. It takes 30 minutes to travel between the university and my parents' house. If I absolutely must be on time for something, I should allow 45 minutes in case there's an accident on the highway or I get behind a farm tractor on the country roads.

This week, my days are packed. And it sucks.

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